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Octane Q45E (inclusief levering & installatie)
Octane Fitness 2008

The Ultimate Ergonomic Ellipticals

The Q45 Series cross trainers—the company''s flagship, award-winning products—are clearly the most ergonomically advanced and technologically superior ellipticals available

Equipped with SmartStride, the breakthrough technology that monitors pace and direction and automatically changes stride length accordingly, these popular models also feature electronic stride length so you can vary workouts at any time by adjusting stride length from 18 inches to 23 inches with the press of a button

Combined with the proprietary MultiGrip handlebars that optimize upper-body training, plus five variable stride workouts that blend changes in resistance level, stride length and direction, this premium Series catapults workouts to new heights for the results you want

Q45 Series—Incredible Performance

- SmartStride—proprietary interactive ergonomics

- Electronically adjustable stride length—18" - 23"

- 2" pedal spacing—replicates human biomechanics for lower-body comfort

- MultiGrip handlebars—custom fit all users

- Adjustment buttons on MultiGrip—resistance and stride adjustments on the go

- ArmBlaster—incorporates upper-body strength workouts

- X-Mode—cross-training at its finest with virtual personal trainer that prompts users

- GluteKicker—targets trouble areas in glutes, hips and thighs

- Variable stride programs—powerful workouts combine stride length, direction and resistance

- Low step-up height—easier to get on and off- great for low-ceiling rooms

- Space-efficient footprint—significantly shorter than other premium ellipticals or treadmills

- 300 lb. machine—solid, stable workout

Fluid Motion

- The technologically advanced Q45 Series ellipticals duplicate the biomechanics of walking, jogging and running. Plus, they enable you to easily emphasize specific muscle groups, modify sessions and keep pushing with different stride lengths and directions. The low step-up height makes it simple to get on and get going

- These popular models are built with many features that enhance your lower-body workouts:

- Body-Mapping Ergonomics and QuadLink drive—deliver exact inertia and smooth motion that replicate natural movements

- SmartStride—monitors pace and direction and automatically changes the stride length accordingly

- Electronic stride length—lets you vary workouts at any time by adjusting stride length from 18 inches to 23 inches with the press of a button

- 2" pedal spacing—the closest in the industry, optimizing exerciser comfort and virtually eliminating lower back stress

Unbeatable Electronics

- When it comes to electronics that engage and motivate you, it doesn''t get any better than Octane''s Q45 Series, featuring:

- X-Mode—like a virtual personal traner that pushes you to cross train with prompts like squat, lean back, pedal fast or slow and more

- GluteKicker—Challenges you to intensify your workout with intervals of various lower-body movements that attack the hips, glutes,and thighs

- Variable stride workouts—jump-start your exercise by uniquely combining stride length, direction, and resistance for optimum results

- HeartLogic Intelligence—offers five interactive heart rate workouts on the Q45e and Q45ce that keep you in the proper training zone so you don''t under-train or over-train

- Digital contact heart rate sensors—deliver instant, accurate feedback on intensity levels on the Q45ce model

- Resistance level and stride adjustment—available at your fingertips on the moving handlebars

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